Chiller Coils / Wort Chillers

Chiller Coils / Wort Chillers

Our stainless steel immersion chiller coils are made of highest grade SAE-304 stainless steel. These coils are the perfect solution whether you need to cool nutrient reservoirs or large fish tanks for greenhouse applications, or you need an immersion wort chiller or condensor coil for distilling. We offer a few standard sizes, but can also make custom coils on request.

Using immersion chiller coils to cool plant nutrients for irrigation, or to cool fish tanks is the simplest and most affordable method available, if not the most efficient. A good rule of thumb for sizing a coil for your water chilling application is to estimate 12' for every ton of cooling capacity. So, a 10 ton chiller application would require 120' of coil in order to exchange heat sufficiently. We recommend not exceeding 60' per coil if possible. Ideally, you should also use a manifold with any application where multiple heat exchangers are required -- this ensures even flow distribution and a more consistent temperature differential across each heat exchanger.

Be sure to size your pump appropriately for your cooling application! Please review our content on centrifugal water pumps to help size your pump.

Stainless Steel (Wort) Chiller Coils

Our Chillers stainless steel chiller coils are much more durable, more corrosion resistant, and considerably cheaper than similar copper chiller coils. Stainless chillers take slightly longer to chill than copper (because copper is a better conductor of heat), but stainless is a better solution for use in hydroponics reservoirs which may experience highly variable pH levels. These stainless steel chiller coils are made from 3/8"-OD corrosion resistant SAE-304 grade stainless.