Fluid Coolers

Fluid Coolers

Our fluid coolers are most commonly used in process cooling applications where fluid temps are significantly above ambient air, but they can also be used as a dry-chiller/pre-chiller as a very efficient first stage in a glycol chiller loop. This allows your operation to make the best use of much less expensive ambient cooling sources in preference to compressor based systems which consume considerable amounts of electricity. In many cases, operations in northern climates can manage all of their cooling load for much of the winter with no compressor at all! Fluid coolers use 80-90% less electricity than compressor-based glycol chillers!

We offer fluid coolers in several different orientations and primary configurations, namely: commercial/industrial, residential, closed loop, open loop, horizontal, vertical (cooling tower), evaporative, air-cooled / dry chiller, and small air-to-water heat exchangers & DIY components.

Fluid Cooler Benefits

  • Closed loop fluid coolers consume no water, and avoid scaling, corrosion, and removes freeze damage risk.
  • Capture and reuse heat energy for environmental heating
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Most units contain modulating fans
  • Very low maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Copper tubes cores for excellent heat exchange and long term reliability
  • Designed for indoor and/or outdoor use
  • Relatively light weight for flexible installation (roof, surface, portable, etc)
  • Minimal control system required
  • Modular designs allow various customization and scalability options

Evaporative Fluid Cooler Benefits

  • Units with evaporative cooling features provide dramatic performance increase at average and low humidity levels
  • Built-in freeze protection for no/low maintenance
  • Specially constructed cabinet design to inhibit algae growth
ChillX 5 - 16 Ton Geothermal Pond Loop Heat Exchangers

These very rugged pond loop heat exchangers come in capacities from 2 Ton up to 16 Ton, and can come with a handful of optional upgrades upon request.

ChillX - Closed Loop Evaporative Fluid Cooler - Front

Our evaporative fluid cooler systems can be deployed in a number of applications, and in hybrid/combinations including:

Zephaire - High Speed Unit Heater/Cooler Air-to-water Heat Exchanger

The Zephaire high speed hanging unit heater/cooler air-to-water heat exchanger (air handler / unit heater) has adjustable louvers and a generously powered single-speed fan to direct air flow exactly where you need it! Fan motor speed can be adjusted with a separate fan speed controller (rheostat), which is not included.