Vertical Chillers

Vertical Chillers

Generally speaking, vertically oriented chillers perform a little better than horizontal chillers; this is due to the freedom of air movement. The circular or rounded corner design of vertical condensers give a more even flow of air as it is pulled across the fins, and generally easier vertical ejection of heat. On slab-type condensers of a horizontal model you'll get a larger percentage of air being drawn across the area nearest the fan. This is much better than blowing or forcing air across condensers as airflow will seek the path of least resistance. As a chiller company, we favor vertical chillers for:

  1. Concrete slab or near ground level installations. On very large industrial rooftops they are fine.
  2. The smaller footprint which is ideal for tight spaces.
  3. Air movement is much better and often less restricted just a few feet off the ground. So obstructions like fences and parapets don't block the flow as much.
  4. When on the ground there is usually less debris to block the condenser, and the units stay cleaner just a few feet off the ground.
ChillX - 20 - 40 Ton Vertical Self-Contained Quad-Circuit Chillers

Part of our premiere line of Vertical Self-Contained Multi-circuit Chillers, these are designed for users with a less than steady heat load where latent capacity (reservoir storage) and compressor staging are important. These quad-circuit chillers are an excellent solution for customers in need of capacity greater than 20 Ton, but where single phase power is all that's available. In capacities larger than 20 Ton the benefit is a lower total cost/value than larger compressors at higher voltages.

ChillX - 15 - 30 Ton Vertical Self-Contained Chiller

Our premiere line of Vertical Self-Contained Multi-circuit Chillers are designed for users with a less than steady heat load where latent capacity (reservoir storage), and compressor staging are important. These units offer a very large reservoir and generously sized immersion coil evaporators. The Low Temp versions also include extra tank and piping insulation built-in. These chillers offer a great combination of value, flexibility, and efficient operation.

ChillX - 1.5 - 12 Ton Vertical Extra Low Temp Chillers

Our most robust commercial multi-temp (range) chillers offer a number of performance advantages and upgradable features beyond our simpler compact and budget designs. Most of all, these vertical recirculating commercial units provide the most efficient range of operating temps even at high ambient, and with an upgrade to R404A these units can produce a wider range of low temps as well. By default, this line of chiller includes a recirculating tank design which does require a second process pump to attach to your devices.

ChillX - 6-10 Ton Low Profile Low Temp Self-Contained Chillers (Dual Circuit Models)

Our new ChillX Low Profile Low Temp Self-Contained Chillers are designed for users with a steady heat load demand where latent capacity (reservoir storage) is less important. These units offer a smaller reservoir than our largest commercial units, but use the exact same in-reservoir evaporators as their larger cousins. These chillers are a great price and running cost compromise without sacrificing any of the efficiencies and performance of our biggest self-contained chillers, with the advantage of a lower price point and reduced power consumption during idle times.

ChillX - 2-10 Ton Vertical Chillers (Single Compressor) (by Chillking)

Our ChillX Single Comprssor Vertical Commercial Chillers come in capacities from 2-10 ton and include all of our premium features by default, resulting in the best performance profile in our line. These commercial grade units also offer several optional upgrades, including:

ChillX - 1.5 - 3 Ton Budget Vertical Chillers

Our ChillX Budget Vertical chillers come in capacities from 1.5-3 ton and represent a very flexible and affordable option for the budget-minded user, but sparing none of the features and custom design elements you've come to expect from our higher end units. Backed by the same industry leading warranties and outstanding service guarantees, you'll get a great deal of value from our budget line.