Small Commercial

Small Commercial Air Handlers

Our line of Small Commercial air handlers are manufactured to our specifications and include revolutionary efficiency and usability enhancements. These units come in several cabinet styles: our smaller units offer corrosion resistant galvanized steel bodies and are ideal for tight spaces and harsh industrial settings, and our residential style painted cabinets offer a number of unique installation and maintenance features suitable for installations in a utility closet as well as out in your greenhouse, warehouse, or workshop.

Don't let the compact sizes of these units fool you! They're capable of producing every bit of their rated capacity (and then some), and units with our dehumidification upgrades can produce up to 135 pints/day/ton (that's a whopping 270 pints/day for our 2 ton unit, up to 415 pints/day for our 3 ton unit, and 675 pints/day/ton for our 5 ton!). Dehumidification and heat can be accomplished with either electric power or hot water. Something else which makes these units really special, you can couple them with hot water from our "Hot Gas Recovery" (HGR) chiller option which allows temp neutral dehumidification while using far less energy than common stand-alone dehumidifiers!

Zephaire - 1-1/2 to 3 Ton Wall-mounted Hydronic Air Handlers

These compact wall-mounted hydronic (water-cooled / water-heated) air handlers are ideal for replacing aging condo and apartment air handlers, as well as for new construction. With well-insulated, low air-leak, galvanized steel cabinets, these are design for efficient operation over a very long time. The blowers have multi-speed ECM motors for a wide range of air velocity and effective capacity. All units come with default electric heat kits, and offer a few different heat kit capacity options. These units come with our standard, 1 year limited warranty, and industry leading support!

ChillX - 2 - 5 Ton Budget Water-Cooled Air Handlers

These are the newest addition to our water-cooled air handler line. They come standard with many built-in features and available upgrades. With the same up/down/horizontal flow flexibility as our larger residential style air handlers, they can be deployed for almost any application. The cabinet's are a heavy gauge embossed galvanized steel -- front and top panels are painted gray. This heavy duty exterior offers corrosion resistance and durability for a long life of reliable performance, even in the harshest commercial environment.

Our ChillX water-cooled heat pump air conditioners are amazingly efficient, easy to use, and simple to install. We recommend coupling them with one of our evaporative fluid coolers or pond loop heat exchangers for ideal condensing temps and maximum equipment longevity with pristine closed-loop condensing water. However, they're also also frequently used with clean well or tap water in open-loop systems, or with other geothermal ground loop systems. These units are all built in the USA.

ChillX - 2-10 Ton Water-Cooled Air-Conditioners
Zephaire - High Speed Unit Heater/Cooler Air-to-water Heat Exchanger

The Zephaire high speed hanging unit heater/cooler air-to-water heat exchanger (air handler / unit heater) has adjustable louvers and a generously powered single-speed fan to direct air flow exactly where you need it! Fan motor speed can be adjusted with a separate fan speed controller (rheostat), which is not included.

Zephaire - Unit Heater/Cooler Air-To-Water Heat Exchangers (Tube Side Front)

The Zephaire 2-speed hanging unit heater/cooler air-to-water heat exchanger has adjustable louvers and a generously powered 2-Speed (High/Low) fan to direct air flow exactly where you need it!

ChillX - Pair of 5 Ton Residential Water Cooled Air Handlers

The new cabinet design of our water cooled residential air handler includes a number of feature upgrades which offer unrivaled installation flexibility and a greatly simplified installation process. The cabinet's galvanized leather-grain embossed finish offers heavy duty corrosion resistance for a long life of reliable performance, even in the harshest commercial environment. We build each unit to spec with custom water cooled coils (and custom water heated coils if requested) designed and manufactured in-house.

Dragon Breath - Air-To-Water Heat Exchangers

Dragon Breath Heat Exchangers can mount just about anywhere. They are used to heat/cool basements, garages, workshops, greenhouses, warehouses... just about anything you can think of. These units come with a fan, water to air heat exchanger and louvered grills. These are commercial grade units. Stamped fan blades quietly exhaust high air volumes.

Made in the USA!